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We Are Coach Steve Sports

Coach Steve Sports is focused on promoting an atmosphere of learning and insight for profitable sports betting strategies. We are here to share ideas, teach strategy, but most of all, to help you take your bookie's money!

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Education in the sports betting world can sometimes be misinterpreted. There are endless piles of data, videos, and podcasts you can sift through. We will help guide you in the right direction to focus on which data/media is more relevant than others.


Profitability is something we all look for in services out there. Some are too focused on hype and others are too focused on getting wins even if it's not a profitable strategy in the long run. We find that sweet spot of managing risk and taking calculated chances without exposing our bankroll.


We're all about the community as a whole here. It's why we do this and who we do this for day in and day out. We're not here to take your money; we're here to help you take your bookies' money. That's why we make our services affordable and accessible for all. Let's take from the rich, and give it back to the people!

What We Are About

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